Been Here Been Queer Questions

If you or someone you know is interested in being featured in Been Here. Been Queer. Millennial & Gen Z Changemakers in the Margins, send us the answers to at least 10 of these questions to
Each activist featured will have their portrait drawn by our amazing illustrator Taylor Mobley and will receive an 8.5”11” print of their portrait for their participation in this project. 
Questions and nominations are still be accepted for this project.
  1. How do you describe yourself? How do you identify? 
  2. How does marginality intersect with your identity? For instance, Is it a part of who you are, where you live, how you identify? 

  3. What labor do you do to earn a living? What labor do you do to nourish your passions? 

  4. What kinds of queer activist labor do you partake in? And/or what does queer activism mean to you? 

  5. In what ways do you strive to make your activist labor more inclusive and intersectional? 

  6. How do you define community, and what communities do you engage with? What communities do you wish to engage with?

  7. How does your activist labor support your sense of self, and/or community?

  8. How do you enlist your community in shaping the goals and methods of your activism?

  9. How do you balance queer activism with earning a living?

  10. How do you find, engage with, or build community?

  11. How does the internet play a role in how you build a sense of community? 

  12. What is your relationship with being “out” in your geographic community? 

  13. How do you feel being or living in the margins may be different from or similar to being or living in more (visibly) queer-centralized spaces/identities?

  14. Do you see yourself or your story reflected in representations of queer life in America? 

  15. What is your relationship with the narrative of queer migration to larger cities? 

  16. What is it about life ‘in the margins’ that speaks to you -- why do you live where you do? Does it feel like a choice?

  17.  What role does family and/or chosen family play in your life?

  18. How do you feel being in the margins has shaped your activism and/or your queer identity?

  19. What is your day-to-day life like?

  20. What is the most meaningful queer project you have participated in, and how did it impact you?

  21. How have queer activists, leaders and/creators influenced you?

  22. How has queer theory, queer media/literature impacted your life personally? 

  23. What queer book/media/content are you engaging with right now and what do you think about it? Is there something about it that you find especially meaningful? 

  24. What advice would you give to a younger you? 

  25. What words of encouragement do you have for young queers in the margins? What is the best advice you’ve been given as a queer person in the margins?

  26. What gives you hope as a queer person in the margins?

  27. Why do you stay in the community you live in?


You can also nominate someone you know here.